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After-School Nutrition Education Program

We have some great activities, materials, and supplies for your after-school program.

  • Are your students ready to master cooking?
  • How about new and fun physical activities?
  • Would you want activities to go with your school garden?

The after-school curriculum is fun, interactive, and hands-on. We know how special after-school programs can be. After-school programs provide children with a safe place to exercise, tunnel their energy into something positive, socialize, and learn valuable life skills. 

If your site qualifies then all of our services are free.

Program coordinators will meet with you individually to determine the best way to integrate materials and activities into your existing curriculum. All resources are age-appropriate, support common core, address behavioral aspects of health, nutrition, physical activity, and hygiene, and utilize a variety of educational approaches to engage children.

Curricula is specifically geared toward the after-school setting.  The materials we have integrate age-appropriate, visually stimulating activities that are central to health, nutrition, and physical activity. We will bring all materials to you and pick them up when you are done. 

  CATCH Afterschool Overview

If you are interested in our program, please contact:

Tianle Wang tlcwang@ucanr.edu 530-666-8731



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