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UCCE CalFresh Nutrition Education Program - Yolo

Fuel Their Minds - Preschool Age

Issue Articles  
Fall 2019

*Cooking with Children to Promote Development
*Farm to Preschool
*Parade Around: Teach Self-Space while being Physically Active
*Keep Colds & the Flu out of your Classroom
*Hygiene Activity: The Invisible Germs!

10/7/19 Download
(601KB PDF)
Spring 2019

*New Physical Activity Guidelines for Preschoolers
*Helping Your Preschoolers Have a Positive Attitude About Food
*National Nutrition Month 
*Make Physical Activity Enjoyable

4/29/19 Download
(514KB PDF)
Fall 2018

*Making Home-to-School Transitions Easy
*Helping Children Form Healthy Mealtime Habits
*Using the Division of Responsibility to Promote Physical Activity
*Teach the Concept of "Self-Space" through Pretend Play!
*Farm to Preschool Resources

1/2/19 Download
(1,240KB PDF)
Spring 2018

*Benefits of Connecting Preschoolers with Nature 
*Sticking to the Division of Responsibility at Mealtime
*Make a Shape with your Body
*Preschool SHINE Recognition Program

5/2/18 Download
(935KB PDF)
Fall 2017

*Division of Responsibility at Mealtime
*Animal Tag Game!
*Find Healthy recipes for your Childcare Center
*Reduce the Risk of Foodborne Illness: "Clean, Separate, Cook, & Chill!"
*Seasonal Craft: Apple Tree Finger Painting

11/7/17 Download
(985KB PDF)
Spring/Summer 2017

*New Nutrition Facts Label: What You Should Know!"
*Bilingual Story Time this Summer: Times & Locations
*Free Food Distributions: Times & Locations
*'Family' Mealtime in Your Classroom!
*Jumping & Clapping Rhymes

7/26/17 Download
(613KB PDF)
Winter 2017

*Cooking with Children to Promote Development
*Tips for Classroom Management
*'Freeze Like a Snowman' Dance!
*Bike Helmet Safety
*Keep Colds & the Flu out of Your Classroom!

1/23/17 Download
(1,312KB PDF)
Fall 2016

*Nutrition Update: New Dietary Guidelines
*Celebrate Walktober
*Halloween Recipe: Apple Teeth Treats
*Creepy, Crawly Active Play Routine
*Finger Paint Turkey Craft
*Parent Corner: Weight Matters

1/20/17 Download
(1,536KB PDF)
Spring 2016

*Mealtime Checklist for Childcare Centers
*Screen Free Week is May 2-8
*Yolo News
*Seven Simple Ways to be Active and Have Fun
*Kool Kiwi Kabob Snack
*Parent Corner: Learning to Eat

1/20/17 Download
(1,623KB PDF)
Winter 2016

*GO and WHOA Snack Challenge
*Lactose Intolerance
*First 5 eBook Gift Giveaway
*Kitchen Skills
*Sweet Potato French Toast
*Parent Corner: Be the Change; ¡Sé el Cambio!

12/29/16 Download
(1,157KB PDF)
Fall 2015

*Food Dance
*Have a Happy Halloween!
*October is Walk Month
*Sleep, School, and Food
*Vegetable Dip Recipe
*Parent Corner:Let's Play!/¡Jugamos!

12/29/16 Download
(1,058KB PDF)
Summer 2015

*What's Your Preschool Healthy Environment Score?
*Throw and Catch Practice with Fruits and Vegetables
*Summer Meals Program
*5 Summer Snacking Problems and Solutions
*Watermelon Ice Cubes
*Parent Corner: Healthy Celebrations?Celebraciones Saludables

12/29/16 Download
(1,430KB PDF)
Spring 2015

*Teeth: Preschool Years
*Picky Eater
*The Food Bank's Children's Harvest Program
*Active Transportation
*Homemade Ice-Cream
*Parent Corner: 'Good' Bacteria for Health!/ Bacteria 'Buena' Para Nuestra Salud

12/29/16 Download
(1,006KB PDF)
Winter 2015

*Body Image
*Sixty Minutes of Active Play Everyday
*Mimic The Vegetable Part
*Beet and Carrot Slaw Wrap Recipe
*Parent Insert: Raise a Reader!

12/29/16 Download
(919KB PDF)
Fall 2014

*The Color of Fruit
*Going to the Grocery Store!
*Your Brain Makes You Crave Food Not Your Stomach!
*Tips to Help Children Sleep
*Pumpkin Loaf with Raisins
*The Scoop on Poop!

12/29/16 Download
(957KB PDF)
Spring 2014

*Imagination Talk
*Hand Washing Quiz
*Cuban Black Bean Soup Recipe
*Food For Senses
*5 Ways Breakfast Helps Children Thrive
*The Division of Responsibility Part 2

12/29/16 Download
(604KB PDF)
Summer 2014

*Draw Your Dream Garden
*Children and Junk Food Commercials
*Avoiding Summer Weight Gain
*Frozen Yogurt Fruit Cups
*Summer Food Service Program
*Parent Insert - Secondary Drowning

12/29/16 Download
(715KB PDF)
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