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UCCE CalFresh Nutrition Education Program - Yolo

Fuel Their Minds - Elementary Age

Issue Articles  
Fall 2019

*Setting Healthy Intentions for the Classroom 
*Effective Access to Water in Schools
*October is National Farm to School Month!
*Brain Break Idea: Non-Elimination "Simon Says!"

10/7/19 Download
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Spring 2019

*The Role of Character Education in Schools
*Free Campus and Community Events 
*Be a Healthy Role Model for Your Students
*Updated Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

4/29/19 Download
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Fall 2018

*Walk On! National Walk to School Day is on October 10th
*Improve Academic Success by Promoting Healthy Snacking in Class!
*October is National Farm to School Month
*Lead Sampling of Drinking Water in California Schools

1/2/19 Download
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Spring 2018

*Nature Can Improve Academic Outcomes
*Possible Health Risks of Sports Drinks
*National Bike and Walk to School Day
*Free Campus and Community Events


5/2/18 Download
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Fall 2017

*Attack Obesity Rates: Improve Drinking Water Access in Schools
*Reduce the Risk of Foodborne Illness: "Clean, Separate, Cook, & Chill!"
*How to Prevent Bullying in your Classroom
*K-6 Farm Tours at California State Fair Farm- Start Planning your Spring Field Trip or take the Virtual Tour!
*Football-Inspired Activity Breaks for the Win!

11/7/17 Download
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Spring/Summer 2017

*New Nutrition Facts Label: What You Should Know!
*How to Present Fruits & Vegetables to Students
*Free Food Distributions: Times & Locations
*Free Student Summer Reading Program!
*Sharpen Students' Minds...Take a Break!

7/26/17 Download
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Winter 2017

*Cooking with Children Promotes Development 
*Classroom Party & Fundraising Food Policy
*Tips for Classroom Management
*FREE Live Theater events for Grades 6-8
*Bike Helmet Safety!

1/23/17 Download
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Fall 2016

*Nutrition Update: New Dietary Guidelines
*K-6 School Tour at California State Fair Farm
*Get Back to School Cool - Celebrate Walktober on October 5th!
*Physical Activity Policy Reminder
*Active Learning: Combine Classwork & Body Movement!
*Fall Recipe: Pear, Grape, & Cucumber Salad
*Parent Corner: Weight Matters

1/20/17 Download
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Spring 2016

*Funding for Schools - Health & Physical Education
*Down on the Farm Field Trips
*Breakfast Cobbler Recipe
*Yolo County News & Events
*Summer Reading Programs
*Parent Corner: Learning to Eat

1/20/17 Download
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Winter 2016

*March-National Nutrition Month
*Herb Garden
*Fruity Salsa Recipe
*Seed Planting
*Lactose Intolerance
*Parent Corner: Be the Change; ¡Sé el Cambio!

12/29/16 Download
(837KB PDF)
Fall 2015

*Benefits of Board Games
*Fruit Cobbler Recipe
*Garden Puppet Show
*Free Physical Activity Resources
*Parent Corner:Let's Play/¡Jugamos!

12/29/16 Download
(877KB PDF)
Summer 2015

*2015 Free Summer Meal Program
*Youth Community Events
*Throw and Catch Fruit and Vegetable Game
*Watermelon Ice Cubes
*5 Summer Snacking Problems and Solutions
*Parent Corner: Healthy Celebrations/ Celebraciones Saludables

12/29/16 Download
(1,075KB PDF)
Spring 2015

*Technology Awareness
*Physical Activity Game-Beach Ball Frenzy
*Cherry Smoothie Recipe
*Taste the Rainbow
*Active Transportation
*Parent Corner: 'Good' Bacteria for Health/Bacteria 'Buena' Para Nuestra Salud

12/29/16 Download
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Winter 2015

*Body Image
*Active Play
*Free Garden Workshop
*Beet & Carrot Slaw Wrap Recipe
*Parent Insert: Raise a Reader

12/29/16 Download
(632KB PDF)
Fall 2014

*Food Safety
*Knife Skills
*Carrot Apple Soup
*Fun Cooking Games
*The Scoop on Poop!

12/29/16 Download
(2,204KB PDF)
Summer 2014

*The Power of Physical Activity Breaks
*Children and Junk Food Commercials
*Avoiding Summer Weight Gain
*Frozen Banana and Peanut Butter Nibbles
*Summer Food Program
*Parent Insert - Secondary Drowning

12/29/16 Download
(659KB PDF)
Spring 2014

*Eat Smart To Play Hard
*5 Ways Breakfast Helps Children Thrive
*Science Day, May 8th
*Hand Washing Quiz
*Cuban Black Bean Soup Recipe

12/29/16 Download
(767KB PDF)
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