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Hand Hygiene

Demonstrate proper handwashing with our Glo Germ Kit.

Glo Germ is a visual tool for teaching students proper hand washing techniques.  We lend our kits to schools, parent classes, and day care sites for educators to demonstrate the importance of washing hands.

To learn more about how Glo Germ teaches proper handwashing, visit the Glo Germ website. 

If you are interested in reserving a kit for your site, please e-mail Monica Drazba mcdrazba@ucanr.edu.


Hand Hygiene for Elementary, Middle and High School

Video Lessons

Which is better: Soap or hand sanitizer? Dig into the science of how soap breaks down a coronavirus, and the effectiveness of hand sanitizer against a viral outbreak.  

What You Need to Know About Handwashing from The Center for Disease Control.

How Germs Spread  created by Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Proper hand washing! What gets left on your hands when you don't wash properly. Hamilton Health Sciences created a video called video show students the microbiology of what is on our hands before and after washing.  

Handwashing: What you need to know. Washing our hands often is one of the best ways to stop the spread of harmful germs that can cause illness. Created by the USDA. 

Handwashing with Adan - from the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Expanded Food and Nutrition Program. 


Center for Disease Control

World Health Organization


Hand Hygiene for Early Childhood Education


Wash Your Hands - The Center for Disease Control created a handwashing video for younger learners. 

Sesame Street: Time to Wash Your Hands PSA 


Center for Disease Control






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