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Food Storage

Food Storage
Manuals on Food Storage in an Emergency:

Food Storage for Safety and Quality

A Guide to Food Storage in Emergencies

Don’t throw away your food before learning about the “Best if Used By” date. Companies print dates on food package to help people decide when food is best quality. Except for instant formula for babies, packaging dates do not relate to safety. Read more on the USDA site on Food Product Dating.

In times of COVID-19 closures, we want to make smart choices about our food and money.  Throwing away food that is still safe to eat is throwing away money. Find out more about the products in your pantry on the FoodKeeper website through FoodSafety.gov


Manuals on freezing and storing food at home. 

Freezing Project Manual 4-H Idaho - Good Resource

Food Preservation Techniques - UCCE Master Food Preservers

Food Storage Emergencies

Freezing Animal Products

Freezing Fruit

Freezing Prepared Foods

Freezing Vegetables

Harvest and Store Fresh Garden Vegetables

What to Do When the Freezer Stops

Food Safety Tips for Infant Feeding