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How to be a Supportive Neighbor


Check on your neighbors.

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors and/or exchange phone numbers, if you have not yet. Call or text your neighbors to ask if there is anything they need and for updates on how they are doing.
  • If you have extra supplies, put them outside with a note so passersby know they can grab them.
  • Offer to grocery stop or bring by pre-cooked meals for families in which it is difficult to get to the grocery store. 
  • Help an older neighbor get set up with a Google Home, Duo or FaceTime to connect with friends and loved ones.
  • Share your Wi-Fi if you know folks who do not have Internet access. 

Make a donation to a local non-profit

  • Nonprofits all over the country are working to continue to deliver services and implement programs, uninterrupted. Monetary donations in a time of crisis can be critical in continuing operations.

Take care of yourself!

  • For some, doing your part will simply mean taking care of your own mental and physical well-being and, that is ok!