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Parent Nutrition Education Program

Parents, you have the power! Are you a parent or do you work with parents?  The CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Yolo County program offers two series of classes:

  • Plan, Shop, Save and Cook
  • Healthy, Happy Families

Plan, Shop, Save, and Cook teaches adults how to make the most of their food budgets. Learning to use coupons, calculate the least expensive foods, write grocery lists, plan meals, and utilize leftovers is key to stretching your dollars. 

Healthy, Happy Families series focuses on child feeding for parents of children ages 0 to 5 years old. By creating consistent schedules, allowing children to serve themselves, preparing only one meal for the entire family, and never bribing or forcing children to eat, you can help young children to trust their hunger instincts and reduce the chances of them gaining too much weight or developing negative eating patterns. Follow the link to our curriculum page:

Visit the food and nutrition blog for general nutrition information.


Contact Christie Hedrick at (530) 666-8740 or clhedrick@ucanr.edu for more information on our materials and handouts or to see if we can offer parent nutrition classes at your site.