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Preschool Nutrition Education

The Preschool Health Education Program has wonderful resources for your site.

If your site qualifies as low income (serving a majority of families that fall below 185% of the Federal poverty level) then all of our services are free.

Program coordinators will meet with you individually to determine the best integration of materials and activities for your program. All resources are age appropriate, support kindergarten readiness standards, address behavioral aspects of health, nutrition, physical activity, hygiene, and utilize a variety of educational approaches to engage young children.

The CFHL, UCCE Nutrition Education program uses a literacy-based model that integrates age appropriate, visually stimulating storybooks into each lesson. All materials directly align with Desired Results Developmental Profiles (DRDP) for program integration like our Hungry Caterpillar Nutrition Kit:



After reading the story to the children, you could then extend the concepts to include our additional activities that teach counting pieces of food, the necessity of eating a variety of foods, and team work in our physical activity. The next kit you receive would include a new book and new activities. We bring the kits to you to make it even easier. Our program concepts are grounded in teaching children Health and Academic skills.

We can also provide training to you and/or your staff help with a school garden, special event, and advice on menu planning.



More about Fuel Their Minds

If you are interested in our program, please contact:

Alyssa Borland: arborland@ucanr.edu

Christie Hedrick: 530-666-8740 or clhedrick@ucanr.edu.